Oh God!


I success!

Thanks Christo88!


In my area, it's difficult for me to buy Mac softwares, and most of them are not so updated.... for example, I would like to buy Photoshop 6 but the shop keeper told me that I have to wait near 2 months. And the price is much more expensive than I buy it from Internet... (there's no student discount for Mac softwares in HK, but the dame Microsoft does) Also, Mac OS X Public Beta isn't accepted overseas order right now, right?

anyway, thank ar Christo88!

dapymb ^_^
That dame, dame, dame, dame, dame, dame, dame, dame....

... dame, dame Microsoft!

Well actually I like microsoft products, just pulling your leg...
Why I say Dame Microsoft?

Because I need to use their products in my University! Every computer (Pentinum 350 over with 128MB ram) boots up with Windows 98/Windows 2000... also, I have to type my proposal or do homework with Office... using IE to browse Internet... using VB to do tons of assignment!!! I hate this kind of life!!! If I use Photoshop in school, I feel like a Super Star because many people will look at your monitor, and finally, the computer will hang up because of shy! haha...

Also, I need to learn many foolish (at least it won't be useful for me in my rest of life!) software such as Project98 and Visual FoxPro (although it isn't created by Microsoft directly) ...

I only feel happy to use computer(iMac 400) at home. I no need to use any Mircosoft product except Office (bcoz of homework) and IE sometimes (bcoz some of the hp support IE only). Unforturnately, I have to buy a PC in this semester since my final year project is developed by VB... poor me.

(this is my personal feeling only... I feel sorry for any people who do not agree with me)
I was just goofing with your english.

Dame: A slang term for a woman used by mobsters and guys in the 1920's and 30's.

I think what you mean to say is damn...