Oh my.... that's FAST!


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I'm currently downloading the Oni demo over my cable connection at 614.7 KB/sec (that's kiloBYTES)

the entire 75 megs took exactly 2:33 to transfer, according to OmniWeb...

i hate you! i've only got the internal 56k modem. best I get is 4kb a second.


Ps Oni is really cool. Its got really good 3rd person hand to hand combat and actually has a plot! I downloaded it from a friends work computer - ethernet then optic. Still only 610KB a second though.
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not that i'm bragging or anything, but here's what http://msn.zdnet.com/partners/msn/bandwidth/speedtest500.htm just had to say about my line:

Your line speed:

6080.5 Kbps

745.2 K bytes/sec

it's usually only around 3500 though.

and yeah, Oni is pretty cool.. I just like beating up on the robots in the beginning though.

Well, I wonder how fast a cable connection is supposed to be. Your 6000kps is off the chart really over T1 and T2. Is cable faster than these???
I have a T1 here @ work, and since I am allowed to get files while I am here I get whatever I want and I transfer the stuff to my G3 @ home...
Sometimes I wish I had a DSL modem @ home :p


Well, I wonder how fast a cable connection is supposed to be. Your 6000kps is off the chart really over T1 and T2. Is cable faster than these???

If your "node" is sparsely populated (i.e. there aren't many people in your neighborhood who have the service), you can get really phenomenal burst speeds over a cable modem, particularly if the content happens to be cached close to you.
Well, I wonder how fast a cable connection is supposed to be. Your 6000kps is off the chart really over T1 and T2. Is cable faster than these???

Theoretically the limit for cable is around 10MBps but practically nobody ever sees near that speed. the 6MBps is about the tops anyone would ever get in reality. It depends on the cable operator as well, some of them might put a speed cap on the line. I have Optimum Online which is consistently ranked as the fastest broadband provider in the country at http://www.dslreports.com/archive\

Speed for DSL runs from around 128kbps to 8MBps, but the speed you get depends HUGELY on your phone line quality and the distance you are from the phone company's central office where your line is served from. Unless you're like right down the road you can forget about anything over 1.5MBps, and over ~15,000 feet you probably cant get DSL at all. Also, for the higher speeds DSL can cost over $100 a month, where cable is usually around $30-40 a month flat rate.

One advantage DSL has over cable is that its bandwidth is (supposedly) guaranteed; a 640kbps line is locked at that speed. Cable is shared bandwidth so the speed varies depending on the number of other people using it at the time. But cable is so much faster than DSL at the same cost, that it almost never gets slower. But again, it depends on the provider. Another DSL advantage is many cable providers wont let you run servers (shared bandwidth again), but you can use a DSL line for whatever you want.
Just realized i only talked about DSL & cable before, not T-1/T-2, which is what latourfl was asking about. As far as T-1 & T-2 go (I know about T-3, but I'm not that familiar with T-2) those are higher-level connections that typically come with service & bandwidth guarantees, better routing, monitoring, and so on. T-1 is 1.5 Mbps, T-2 is 2 something, and T-3 is 45 something. The lowest price I've seen for a T-1 is $400 a month. The pricing varies by distance + how much bandwidth you're buying.
I hate people who have cable internet. So many people have cable internet thses days...BUT I DON'T!!! To download a game like Oni would take so long it's not funny. And keeping in mind I have a super slow Mac it doesn't help. Wait, what am I saying?!? My computer's too gay to run Oni anyway! Grrr...by the way, I've played Oni at a mates house and it's the coolest game on Mac I've played yet (not including Unreal Tournament, but we all know that's the best anyway). What catagory would Oni fit into anyway? Adventure? Shoot-em-up? Strategy? Either way, it rocks so hard!!! Pitty there's no multiplayer mode...
I know. I hate everyone that has something better than a 56k, because I can't get DSL or cable where I am. My friend across town downloaded Oni for me... He was like, "It's only going at 150 k/sec, it's soooo slow right now." And I was all, "I'd kill everyone in my neighborhood for phenomenal speeds like that." So, I suppose my point is that all of you with better than 56k suck. And Oni is überrad. I'd have to say it's action/adventure/strategy. Heh. It's such a good blending of a shoot-em up and an action game. *sniffles* Ah, if only it was out and I could play more than just two levels.
1334.6 Kbps
163.6 K bytes/sec

This is what it said about my connection, but i have to cross an ocean.

I'm on the fastest T3+ line in the Netherlands.
Campus Ethernet intranet for 5000 students, who all share their HD (Who needs napster if you can use Samba and CIFS) and a 1 Gigabit/s connection to the internet.

Internet speeds usually 300 kbytes/s upto 1Mbyte/s
Very local internet 2 Mb/s
Internal speeds of upto 10Mbyte/s

DJ, living in heaven ;-))))
Everyone here has super fast G4 computers or G3 laptops!!! What's up with that?!? Are you all stinkin' rich or something?!? I have a "Macintosh Performa 5260" with less than a Gig of Memory. I will eventually get a new computer, even then, it will only be an iMac! I also have a dodgy server and 56k modem!!! WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE SUCH GOOD COMPUTERS?!?!? Anyway, on a lighter note, Oni rules. I know I've already said it, but I just thought I'd push my point. But Unreal Tournament rocks harder on the "top of the buildings" level with low gravity. Sweeet...

P.S. I envy you all.....
ok no friggin' way somethings goofy here... or maybe not ;)

Your line speed:

14315.8 Kbps

1754.4 K bytes/sec

I envy you all with DSL, cable T1... whatever connection you have to get those speeds. I have waited almost seven months for the tele company to come and install ADSL in my house. Their support reply? "Soon."

I hate it!