Oh The Irony!





I've been waiting for 2 years for the PowerBook G5 and now I'm feeling a little sad. I have a Pismo and really don't want to buy a PowerBook G4 if Apple is switching hardware. I'm sure the transition won't be that bad and current and future Macs released before the transition will continue to have value after but it's the principle of buying something you know is being phased out.

Maybe that's what Apple's $6 billion in the bank is for? To support them during the fallout over the next 2 years.
Why don't you want to buy a powerbook, sure it might be "phased out" eventually, but we're talking at least two years here before anyone even considers phasing them out... realistically, I think it will be more like 5 years or so (ie when most ppl feel they want new laptops) ... I wouldn't be worried about the transition at all if I were you... that's just my 2 cents though
Hes right it will be a while before that happens

I ordered my PB G4 about a week ago and I plan to use it well into Apple's said transistion to Intel

Sure I am dissapointed, but Apple will remain true to its users

I have been using Apple since the Classic 2 and they have yet to let me down

I recently purchased a PB, after the announcement. It did not effect me in anyway. Apple is not going to stop support PPC anytime soon, certainly within the lifetime of your purchase you will be fine.