ohhh bugger no preference panels


ill never 4get watsisname

After running Norton diskdoctor in OS 9 I discovered that it had changed all files startting with a period "." so that they start with "_". This completely screwed OS X. So I went (painstakingly) through all the files it changed and restored them (yes even the hidden ones) back to how they were. BUT now there are no preference panels in OS X, when i load system preferences nothing appears and there is nothing under the panes menu.

(this makes it difficult to restart in classic mode - reboot on cd then change the startup disk then restart again!)

Does anyone know where the preference pane files are kept and what they are called (or is there only one?).

Also the modem dosnt work in OSX anymore, it says contacting ppp server but it dosent even dial the number!! I presume this is related.
Just reinstall. If you go searching through the entire filesystem for all files starting with a . you'll be there for weeks.
The preference panels are in /System/Library/Preferences/ BTW, but they don't start with . It's something else.