Ohhh Yea...


echo $row['what_tha'];
I just felt like saying it... Ohhh Yea!!

I just typed " ps -aux " in a terminal window checking something out and noticed the windowserver process ( The only one that seems to always take processor time ) and noticed that time was
194:52:03 .... Something I would never see running OS 9 and normaly using the computer.... Sure, OS 9 is very stable and can keep running until the power is cut off as long as you are not using it 8 hours a day ;)......

Well, I'm just so relaxed and feeling good about OS X, my system is starting to feel like a device more than a periodic malfunctioning "PC" .... he he
Helpful Hint: Sitck a "c" in the options to make it ps -caux and it will just display the program name instead of the path.