Okay. Home page different on three computers. Perplexed


My home page features a SHARETHIS plug in (Wordpress). On the 2006 Macbook running snow leopard and the G4 running 10.4.11 you see, using Firefox:
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On the 2009 Macbookpro you see:
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In Safari on the Macbookpro you see:
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Emptied caches on all computers and all Browsers.

Huh? What simple thing am I missing?
Actually the older browser is the one where everything showed up.

In fact, they all show up except for Google+ on Safari 5.1.7.... but Linked In is missing (and Google+ is there) using Firefox 13.0.1.

No, what I thought it was (and I removed it) was the freebie antivirus, Avast Exclamation Point. It was on the macbookpro and that was the one that wouldn't show all the icons... maybe Avast! didn't like it or whatever, but I got tired of trying to figure out what Avast! was looking for, what or what it wasn't capturing, the slowdown trying to run it behind my working the computer and overall...after a 20 hr "scan" and it still wasn't finished (300gb to scan) and I tried 3 times, I was done.

So, I removed the antivirus and they all showed up... but after I deleted caches and rebooted they disappeared again.

So, I checked GHOSTERY and Little Snitch...and discovered I had those buttons being "blocked" by that program on both browsers. So, the answer about the browser was sort of correct. It wasn't that it was an old version, it was that I was blocking the icon/buttons with Ghostery.

Your answer made me try and figure out what it was that I could have been using blocking the browser and what was different on the two machines....that made me think about the "Ghostery." Thanks.
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