Okay, in response to my last poll...

Which web application?

  • Adobe GoLive

  • Macromedia Dreamweaver (including UltraDev)

  • Any other

  • I damn well told you, I ain't into that design thing!

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Photoshop is obviously a clear winner. But due to my errornous ways, I forgot to include GoLive. Therefore, I would like to guage the popularity of the web applications. I shall only include Adobe GoLive and Macromedia Dreamweaver ('cause I'm stupid and can't think of the others right now!):D
I must say while Dreamweaver, and other Wysiwyg's have their place, nothing is a substitute for raw coding.
but first and foremost I'm a designer!

Would you like to see a creative designers handcoding!! Me neither!!:D

That's why designers stopped using letterpress and metal type to make newspapers and books! (plus the lead didn't taste too great!):mad:
I prefer to think of myself creative :D
I dont need to have the image righ in front of me to be able to create ..
The thought it in my head, it has taken form, all I need do is to create it :p
Clearly none of you work in web development! Sure I use to swear by hand coding (I have been a VIM user for quite a while now) but WYSWYG programs (well Dreamweaver) have cleaned up their act and have become quite useful. Now I would never leave the WYSWYG world.
And work with Netscape and Hp and use dreaweaver then take it into bbedit to clean up what little problems it has (like the mysterious space after the td tag that screws up in netscape) and to add php and scripts. I swear that you put me up against any pure hand coder and I will produce a cleaner code set and in atleast half the time! I love UltraDev, now I just hope the OS X version ccomes out with php and mysql connections :)
Rumor has it that Dreamweaver for OS X will have the option of MySQL + PHP. . . Nice dynamic database driven sites from your home, swell. . .

Nice icon btw.
He he
I salute you real women (developers) (and would pretty much like to meet you :p)

One HAS to have intimite knowledge of HTML and underlying technologies in order to really understand whats going on.

Dreamweaver is nice (dabbled with it, not to my liking) but its nothing if you dont know HTML in and out.

BBedit (OSX)
Dreamweaver/Ultradev (classic)
Jane Builder (OSX!)


I sure would like to hear more about these rumors about Ultradev, php and MySQL on X!!!!!

That would make my day.
I don;t know php and sql :p
Or course even if I did I doubt that Yahoo Hosting has the ability to run them lol

You know I tried Jane builder and just didn't make much sense to me can you elaborate on your experiences with it a little more?