This is drivin me nuts.. I am trying to get a windows manager up and running over my X11 install., and am having a really hard time. I have tried everything I even tried installing via fink. My biggest problem I would say going the FInk route is that I am connected to a 56k modem and downloads are crazy slow. I ahve tried to launch a preimptive strike by downloading from a faster connection at school the required binaries but Fink doesn't always recognize them....

Let me make this brief...

Ultimately what I would like to do is be able to write and run some GL stuff using C++. I am currently using the Irix platform at school and I would like to be able to run my code back and forth from home to the Lab and back. Is there a way to just install a windows manager over X11 without dealing with all the Fink depency stuff?
I was hoping to get Gnome or KDE up and running. Are there any recommendations out there? All I want to do right now is the GL thang, but eventually I would like to run Gimp and other graphics oriented programs. A step by step response would be most appreciated and highly rewarded with my adoration and praise...



Simply Daemonic
I do believe that GNOME and KDE need to be recompiled in order to be used in X11 under darwin.

Also I think they need to be changed and optimized before even being able to compile them, and no one has done that thus far, AFAIK

Red Phoenix

While I'm new to X11, I'm still pretty sure I have GNOME installed. I can walk you through some of this, but it'll be over a few posts. First, if you want to do OpenGL, you'll probably have to reinstall X11, anyway. My understanding is that the latest stable release of X11 does not have OpenGL support, but that current unstable versions of it do. If you want to deal with an unstable release, I can kind of help you (I don't have it myself, as I'm planning on just waiting for 4.2 to be released), and I'll post more later if you do.


OK sounds good..
would love to get gnome up and running..
Can I do it without Fink?

One other dumb question..I know that if I am running Linux and a
windows manager like Gnome then I am able to compile and run GL stuff..I also thought that Linux uses Xfree86 as its base windowing application and then just has a manager over top...Wouldn't it then stand to reason that this same setup on Xdarwin allow me to compile and run some basic GL stuff? Or is the Xfree on OsX not the same as linux in this regard? Is the upcoming Xfree86 GL support only an issue for Xdarwin?

Not really important right now but curious nonetheless..

Anyway lets get started with the Gnome install....
One caveate I don't have access to a high speed line via my mac but can download and burn at school...This is wht I don't really want to use fink install it always looks for something I either don't have or something whose version is older than what I have.
Let the fun begin...
Quizically yours..