old computer gone


Three weeks ago I have "repaired" an old 286 Commodore for a friend. He insisted in repairing his old machine because he can continue to work in the same way. The computer was full of dust and it's was the first time difficult to open it (you know it's a matter of time). I cleaned up a little bit the computer, and the table were he's staying on and pushed on my hands were the cables were connected. And surprisingly this &é"'(§è!çà)-computer works again come before. He was so pleased that he decided to go to his family in Italy, and that he must not give the money to buy a new one. When he returned from Italy, surprisingly his computer has the same problem as before, and it's computer wasn't used when he was in Italy. I was only able to say, that this computer was'nt a real sollution for him and that I could do anything than changing it with my old 486 Thinkpad and using the old software again and waiting a little time.
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