Old Mac DVi to new DVI cable: where o where?



This years X-Mass holiday project is a music server based on a PowerMac G4 Quicksilver (10.3.9), now fitted with some brand new 300Gig hard drives. That wall of CD's is going to disappear...

I have bought a nice new LCD screen with a DVI-D input. All I need now is a cable that has a standard D-shaped DVI on one end and an oval-shaped Mac-DVI on the other...

Where can I buy one? I live in the UK.

Or even better, do you have one that you don't need anymore?:D

Thanks for the help, G.
The oval shaped connected is called an ADC connecter. It was a proprietary connector that Apple used on early G4 towers. It also would run power to certain Apple monitors.

What you need to find is an ADC-DVI adapter.

The other concern is with those 300 GB hard drives. Are you using a PCI controller card for those? THe internal hard drive controller I don't believe will support anything greater than ATA-66, which means that you'll be left with only 128 GB recognized by that Mac (This is if the drives are ATA, of course).
Thanks, I will do a google on ADC-DVI adapter.

I have installed an ATA controller PCI card to control the 300 Gb HD. You are right, without the ATA card, at first the drives were recognised as only 128Mb. The very helpful guys at macwarehouse.co.uk quickly provided the solution.