older 12" PowerBook cannot use a ADC display


This posting is for future reference for people considering buying an older used 12" PowerBook.

I own a September 2002, 12" PowerBook, 867Mhz, and after calling Apple twice and visiting 3 local Mac dealers I've concluded that there is no way to hook up an Apple 15" display (ADC connector) to my laptop, since there is no adapter that goes from my mini-VGA port to a DVI female.

I have a multitude of adapters (including the ADC to DVI) but nothing Apple sells or even third party adapters will bring the 2 units together.

It would of been handy to know this before I bought the unit becuase my intent was to use it as my main computer, and span the screen to the Apple 15" display which I already own. So, the only way to do it now is to span over a generic vga monitor which I need to buy.

Also, for reference, if people plan to use an Apple DVI display be warned that the only way to do this is with an expense $300 "VGA-a-tor" adapter.

Of course, if you have a newer 12" PowerBook then you already have a mini-DVI port so you are fine. It seems to only effect the pre-September 2003 units.

Good info to be aware of I figured...