Where's your head at?
it doesnt lag at all, and i can multitask (irc + aim + dvd)

this friken rox... and the speed... i think everything has been improved...

im still in shock how awesome os x is!!!!!!!

ps, i was using my pb ti w/ 256mb when i tested the dvd....
Same here. The speed is incredible. I was thinking about switching to Wintel for 3D graphics work but OS X 10.1 made me change my mind...Lightwave runs great! :D. I'm still using a developer build(5g64) until apple ships my order, and even the DB's rock! Everything works perfectly! Those new system menu's are some of the coolest features of the OS.
is that it it plays the sound LOUD! Seriously, playing a DVD in OS 9 on an airplane was an exercise in tourture. I have a set of Sony noise dampening headphones and I could still barely hear the sound. OS X CRANKS the volume out. I can't even get it near its highest setting.

And it sounds better then it did on OS 9.

Playback on my Pismo is perfect.

-- Jason
Here's a post of pity.

(for people shouting Oh My Fucking God for being able to play a DVD at acceptable speed)
It's also that the playback quality is much better than it was under 9.x. I used to see moire patterns in some of the movies I played. Wherever there were thin lines against a contrasting color, you could seee moire patterns if the camera moved (this can easily be seen in the dojo fight scene in The Matrix).

Under the player in 10.1, I don't see those patterns anymore. Also, the player will now play well in the background. It's nice to be able to have a movie going in the background while I type this.