Omni Framework woes


I'm trying to use the Omni Frameworks (specifically OmniExpat) in one of my projects. All compiles well and good and the program works but it takes ages to load. So I checked OmniExpat with otool -L and it says that it still references the other Omni frameworks by an absolute path, in the directory I built them, instead of the copies sitting right next to it. I want them in the Application's bundle. Basically i figure it takes a long time to load because it can't find the frameworks where the absolute path says they are (I moved them) so it looks all over the place before finding the ones right next to it. Does anyone know a way to get it to NOT use an absolute path, I mean OmniWeb must do it because you can put it wherever you want and it still works. Any help or tutorials on creating and/or using frameworks would be very helpful.