Omni Group and Microsoft...


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I don't know about you guys/gals but MS Internet Explorer just sucks at times... And what I wonder is... Couldn't those great folks over at the Omni Group help get IE onto the Golden track... I mean.. Those guys at Omni are spitting out a new and better copy of OmniWeb every other week it seems.. and IE has had 1 small update since XPB... and it still sucks at times... For example... and For fun... I clicked on IE Preferences 34 minutes ago.. when I did, the color wheel came about... Now, normally I am use to click and wait in X at times but IE sure finds a way to make it happen alot when using IE... I'm going to see if it ever recovers (Again).. And IE still losses scroll ability when several frames are loaded, and you have to resize the window to get the scroll bars to work again under the "Frame Lock" I call it...
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Just a thought... ;)
I must say that I have never had any problems with IE under X. I have on the other hand had problems with OmniWeb when I attempted to view QuickTime movies.

The reason MS has not had many updates is that the people in charge of Macintosh products are a small division of MS. They are busy trying to get Office out asap. OmniGroup devotes all of their resources to OSX.

my opinion, I could be wrong,

34 Minutes for the preferences dialog?! Hmm, maybe your computer is underpowered, it came up pretty much instantly for me. (computer stats on signature).

IE is noticeably slower, I'll give you that. And it is a MS product. For those two reasons, I usually shy away from it. But, OmniWeb has crashed on me several times. I haven't had IE crash much, but then again, I don't use it much.

Also, OmniWeb has a horrible time with some JavaScript. Just go to and see for yourself. IE shows that page fine.
I know this will probably sound preachy... but here it goes. I use OmniWeb for a few reasons, a I think it is a fabulous look into the future of browsers, yes there are problems, but keep giving feedback(these guys seem to listen). Second, with Netscape having been bought buy an over powering monopoly itself, how safe can my personal info be, is it going to be sold to the highest bidder(I mean trend tracking not my true personal stuff like passwords). Third when you don't use M$ you are voting for inovation and telling Microshaft to get of its butt and do somethingoriginal, I don't have a problem with them if they didn't steal everything and actually did some innovating and pushed the browser to the next stages. I will now give up the soapbox to the next person.