OmniWeb b9 yesssss!


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b9 is waaaay faster than b8 was... I dont know if it was removing the broken CSS support, or taking out the mouse-move workaround, but pages just snap onto the screen now; with b8 there was a 1-2 second delay where I was just looking at a blank window.
agreed -- Omniweb just keeps getting better and better. It now seems about as stable as the current iCab (perhaps a little better), but not quite as good as Explorer. With any luck both iCab and Omniweb will overtake Explorer.

I'm very happy that we are likely to have several good browsers.
Yeah, I've been very happy with the new version of omniweb, but the lack of css is sometimes problematic. I'm sure they'll iron it out though.

I really like that the emacs commands (at least some) are bound into it (cocoa is definitely cool). It makes filling out forms such as macosx message boards easier to fill out.

I've decided to just stop using IE. Omniweb is more comfortable to work with. That may change if they ever recode IE in cocoa. We may have to live without plugin cross-communication for a while though, and without active-x some pages just aren't going to be as cool.