OmniWeb doesn't download!


Unofficial Mac Genius
I've had this problem for a while now, but haven't really thought about it since OW has always been slow... until sneaky peek 3 of 4.1! It actually loads in _6_ bounces (comparable to IE's about 5 or 6), and it runs reasonably fast... I still have yet to see if it really does have a memory leak, though, as some have claimed.

My problem, however, is that when I initiate a download, the web address for the download doesn't show up in the Downloads window, and a few 100K into the download, it just stops downloading and sits there... no progress after that. Then when i stop it, the file and date fields are both blank, and under progress it says '0 bytes, stopped', implying that nothing had been downloaded.

What gives? This has happened since 4.0.3 or something... somewhere around there I stopped using it because it was slow and because I had this problem.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.