omniweb modifications


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here's my desk along with some nice modifications to omniweb's start page ... :) ;)


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PPP monitor in the menu bar! That's like what I've got! (Just saying so you don't think i'm biting when I fianlly post my screen!!! :) )
just seems like the obvious place to put it, doesn't it?
out of the way but still where you can see it if you need it ... ;)
It has a 'display in menu bar' feature, which gets rid of the display and just gives a little icon when yer not connected. I love it when you find a good way of doing something yourself, and then developers build it in without you having to ask!!
yay! that's cool ... ;) ;)
*hurries off to versiontracker* ...

...just downloaded it ... it's great ... ;)
thanks for telling me ... :)