OmniWeb Question


I have been using OmniWeb as my main browser since I downloaded it. It's a great, fast, feature-rich browser (luv the end of pop-up's with OmniWeb)!

But I have a question:

Does anyone know of a way to disable the Recent Downloads panel from popping-up everytime you download something? When it pops-up, it's becomes the active window (ENTER/RETURN is active on the window), and it drives me batty! I would either like it to pop-up as an inactive panel, or better yet, allow me to choose whether or not it opens automatically in Preferences.

PS: I also like the way OmniGroup implemented the same interface paradigm for their preferences panel as Apple's System Preferences. I hope it starts a trend towards that type of consistency.
Ask Omni for the feature, I have as well.

AFAIK there's no way to do it at present, although hacking the nib file might work...
I really hope apple makes it easy to implement a System Prefs style preference panel. Omnigroup did a great job but you can see that they couldn't get the smooth flow when you drag something in the favorites bar because they had to do everything themselves. Most developers won't go to the trouble of doing what omnigroup did. Think how great it would be if apple included it in cocoa/carbon!