OmniWeb vs iCab internet browsers


Here's a quick tip:

iCab is the best! I've used Internet Explorer, OmniWeb, and iCab on my OS X system. So far, iCab has been the best out of the three. It's faster than either of the other two, noticeably faster, and it doesn't seem to have as many bugs as OmniWeb does.

The only bug I've noticed in iCab is the lack of support for cascading style sheets, but OmniWeb hasn't been able to handle those either. OmniWeb has some nice things about it, and has been getting more hype, but everyone out there should check out iCab. I wish I'd downloaded right off the bat, it would have saved me some time netsurfing.

G4 400
448 MB RAM
10 GB HD
Cable Modem via Ethernet
If iCab didn't require me to press the option key to drag URLs I would use it.

OmniWeb has the best url field behavior. You can type one word and it lists sites matching it like Explorer does, but you press space and type another word it will search those results.

OmniWeb however doesn't use the user download directory preference. It also reloads pages when I press 'back' which is stupid.
I've used iCab on OS 9, and omni in OS X.

I have to say that I prefer omniweb, and that Netscape is still my prefered classic browser.:)
Omniweb is the better of the two by far. I downloaded and tried the current version of iCab and had it crash at launch. When i got it to launch it froze while loading this site.

WheniCab gets the bugs worked out I'll try it again but right now Omni all the way.
I have no stability problems with iCab. I have more stability problems with OmniWeb (which I never report because they assume I use
Check out the Opera preview as well.
I took a look at it, and surfer with it as well.
Seems ok, no crashes lol (yet)

I've never been able to use any network software from Classic. Admiral, did you have to do anything special to get Classic networking to work?

I've never had iCab crash or freeze on me, although OmniWeb has frozen up a few times. Well, not actually "frozen," but it would say that it was accessing a web site and then it would never retrieve and display the document. With a cable modem that shouldn't happen. I thought it was a problem with slow servers, until I kicked on iCab and it had no problem loading them up instantly.
no networking software works in classic ?
weird. I did not do anything special to have OS X run classic netscape, yahoo , icq etc. My classic system has MacOS 9.1 base components including all networking extensions and control panels. I only had a prob in the PB with classic networking software but 1.0 fixed it :)

One really annoying problem I had with Omni Web was trying to use the back button a few times and passing a page with a redirect. That was an exercise in futility if I ever saw one. I would have to click the back button like a madman, and MAYBE the redirect wouldn't go crazy and send me to the destination page. Ugh, bad memories.
To me Omni Web is about 85% perfect (unlike most others around 50%) I installed iCab yesterday and it is indeed speedy and lightweight but in my humble opinion I think that Omni Webs features are going to push IE and Netscape to either buck up or get the hell out of the way!
to strobe:
The web page is in cache but whenyou hit the back button you are thrown into a "blank" web page that just has a redirect so it throw you forward.

btw I also hate that about omni.

to soapvox:
I like your avatar. Where did you get it? It seems very familiar.

My vote goes to OmniWeb. Absoposidefilutely.

I used iCab on Os9, but nothing comes close to this one (I'm using OmniWeb now to write this). On the programmers geek-richter scale I would give it eight out of ten (still some websites it chokes on) but then again these same websites make Internet Exploder go ffumpp in a puff of smoke (minus three out of ten).

Well done, folks at the Omni Group!
iCab is so freakin' ugly even if it worked perfectly I wouldn't use it. But I've never been able to get it working very long w/o it crashing, so the issue doesn't come up.
I downloaded OmniWeb, Fizzilla, IE (the updated version), and iCab. I like Fizzilla, but it can't download a thing (it always locks up) and it looks ugly:(. OmniWeb is a little bizarre (the address bar in pertiecluar), but it has a bunch of awsome features, like spell checking and it's cocoa, so it works with AutoComplete! And, you can change it's menu bar! If Fizzilla gets it's bugs worked out, I'll download it again. And that brings me to another reason I like OmniWeb: It's small! The IE update was twice as big as it! OK, it's not as small as iCab, but it works.

So, I hate to say it, Mozilla people, but OmniWeb kicks!
OmniWeb's url field is the best one bar none!

You type one substring it will perform a substring search, type space and another substring it will search those results and refine your selection further!

I couldn't care less how an application looks. Who gives a damn what iCab looks like. It has a great browsing experience so long you don't like to drag URLs (which I do).

Even if Mozilla was completely bug-free I woudln't use it. It's its own OS with it's own HI and lives in it's own little world which is uniform across platforms, equally sucking on them all. It's not a mac app. Themes are cheesy, give me drag+drop support.

Explorer still has the best interface overall, the only problem is it's sluggish (use Carbon events dammit) and doesn't support keychain (iCab and OmniWeb do, so will Opera).
I am now using the latest build of Mozilla, and it is stable, fast and feels like a REAL browser should. Omni Web will always be my favorite I think, but this new Mozilla rocks!
Soapvox: You said you downloaded the new version of Fizzilla, and I want to know how much better it is than the version released on 5/30. If it's a lot better than that version, then I'd be happy to download it, but if it's a little better, then I'm not sure a 11MB download over my sad 56K modem is worth it. I can't believe how fast they come out with new versions!