OmniWeb with CSS support


I've been using MacOS X for 2 days. It works just fine.

1) Speed is good, running on a 466 G4/128 and iBook/128

2) Networking - works great on Ethernet and Airport.

3) Classic works fine

4) OmniWeb 4 does support css and java. A lot faster and stable than IE (I've found a LOT of bugs in IE that ships with X). The bug's I've found in omniWeb for X Beta seems to been adressed (most of them). For the moment, OmniWeb is both faster and more stable.

5) The Mail app. have some bugs but works fine most of the time.

6) Real Basic 3.1 crashes all the time, I guess this will (must) be fixed by RealSoft in the nearest future.

7) iTunes works great.

8) CD Burner works only when booting from 9.1

9) You cant install classic on new none U.S G4's (AGP).
The 9.1 Cd just is'nt bootable and you can't run "install" (a MacOS ROM issue). Our workarund has been to burn a CD with a system that alow you to drag the system from the CD and then replacing the MacOS ROM file with the one from the G4 original CD.

10) The package included MacOS X, Developer CD and MacOS 9.1

11) Napster for MacOS X looks fine
I've checked it with Apple, it's the ROM file. The problem is easy on "language" systems that X support, just install from the original CD that came with the computer. But for other countries a workaround is needed...

By the way, rumors says that the firmware upgrade can couze problems with non original RAM's?