Wow... I just used omniweb for the first time. I like almost everything about it better than Internet Explorer... except that pages seem to load slower than MSIE and that some pages won't work at all... OmniWeb should put a lot of time into fixing these issues, they could easily claim the number 1 spot for Macintosh users... The anti-aliased text looks amazing and all of the form buttons and such look A LOT better. I hope they hurry and fix those issues... im going to have trouble going back to IE, but ill probably have to to access some of the pages I need to.
I agree... OmniWeb 4.1sp3 rocks. It has a few issues to be worked out, namely speed and compatibility. 4.1 is much more compatible than 4.0 was, but some sites like still don't work.

Once the OmniGroup gets these issues worked out, they've got my $30...