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Ok, so I downloaded [miraculously over a 26.4 connection] the mysql source and changed the void line so that it should compile right.

The directions say:
shell> groupadd mysql
shell> useradd -g mysql mysql

What command is used in OSX to add a new group [and user for that matter]?

Thanks in advance for any help...
I'm sure there are other ways, but the one with which I'm familiar involves getting netinfo to dump unix-style config files, editing them, and feeding them back to it.

So do something like: nidump passwd / > passwd

Then edit the passwd file this will have created, adding in the required account.

Similarly: nidump group / > group

and add the group you want.

Then, to give this back to netinfo:
niload -m passwd / < passwd
niload -m group / < group

man niload
man nidump
man 5 passwd
man 5 group