One busy Mac...


No Wh9ing!

That was a fun one. I even had Classic open with Outlook Express. After I took this, without closing a thing, I opened Photoshop and converted the .tiff into a .jpg

Mac OS 9 would have died somewhere in that process.


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found it, thanks :)

maybe that's a sign of using a new,revolutionary OS - everyone has the same apps installed!
I downloaded and installed this last night, as I thought I'd read (here, in fact, but I can't find it now) that it properly color-coded PHP documents.

I opened a PHP doc with it, and got ... nothing. I've installed most of the plug-ins, but can't seem to figure this out.

Anyone successfully using jedit on php files and getting color-coded syntax?


I'm pretty sure I did that ... I'll have to check again when I get home tonight, but I'm sure I remember seeing that in the prefs area, and setting it to PHP.

Thanks for the tip...

Turns out I had to set the prefs to PHP, and then pick a menu item called "Reload Edit Environments."

That did the trick, and I'm now looking at color-coded PHP scripts!