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CNN and c|net are reporting a video ipod, i would be mad if this happened because i just got a 20 GB ipod. I don't think their right tho, ThinkSecret is reporting that the event will usher in new Powerbooks and PowerMacs. ThinkSecret is usually right on the money. Here's to the new Powerbook G5s and quad PowerMacs :D
It really bothers me when "legitimate" news organizations play the rumor-mongering game.

Here's hoping it's all three. :) Dual-core Power Macs, video iPods, and....some kind of updated PowerBook. I'm not sure what they'd put in a new PB, though. It MIGHT be a PBG5, since the low-power G5s are available now. But I'm not getting my hopes up on that (note: My hopes are already up for a video iPod, and there's no turning back on that one).

If they release both a video iPod AND a PowerBook G5 on the same day, I think 90% of all Apple watchers' heads would explode. And that can't be good for business.
I really doubt the video iPod because Steve just recently said in some interview that the market for such a device is not there right now. Of course it could just be Steve trying to steer people away from the idea so that they can surprise us, but I don't think so.
Could care less about a iPod <insert type here>... really doubt it is an iPod <insert type here> and want a freak'n PB upgrade.
I have had an ipod since they first came out and have had owned every generation.

It would make sense for Steve to release the ipod video. Personally loading up DVDs does not do it for me as a primary motivator for the ipod video. For any of you that have done a slide show through TV on an ipod photo, you immediately see the appeal of being able to watch music videos via an ipod. Personally I would pay for high quality music video through the store.

Currently if you click on an mp3 link on the web it will either load in QT or load directly into iTunes. As the owner of an radioSHARK I can see the appeal of recording live radio audio into iTunes. That's why podcasts are appealing. As small pieces of media to listen to, there is significant appeal in watching small media clips. Think convergence of web and TV as a media delivery device. As a user of the beta of DTV one can see this. Being able to DL visual media into iTunes is very appealing. Think clickable links for all media loading into iTunes.

Being able to show friends my iMovies from my ipod is also appealing. Personally I am sick of lugging my PowerBook round to friends to show off iMovies.

The question is how to make money from this. Once Steve introduces the ipod video even if all you can do initially is watch your imovies and watch free music videos , it will set the market place for when people are prepared to pay a subscription for audio or video podcasts, or movies. I would never use a subscription music service but would pay subscriptions for certain audio or video podcasts.

Let's face it DVDs are going to be downloadable and they can be a reasonable download size now with QT HD. Some DVDs I would want to buy of course, but I would pay a subscription service for DVDs as that it what already happens at the local video store and on pay per view TV.

Once I can stream video via Airport to my TV it all fits into place.

And finally one more thing......

Betcha Steve makes all the current colour screen ipods video capable via an update. Instant screaming fans. Don't forget that OS X has always been intel capable. Why wouldn't he have done the same with the ipods for video?
wildbore said:
Betcha Steve makes all the current colour screen ipods video capable via an update. Instant screaming fans. Don't forget that OS X has always been intel capable. Why wouldn't he have done the same with the ipods for video?
But they make $0 from this, what's the incentive for them? Just more money they have to spend on support. That's why Apple doesn't want to update the iPod software anymore for older generations.
4g ipods reportedly can do a lot more than they are supposed to. when it came out, it was hailed as 4g, and yet only appeared to differ from 3g with the click wheel. the innerds were completely revised.

but i agree. to make the current ipods play video would be suicide.
The problem with the TV-out idea is that it would be very hard to cram the power necessary to play full-screen (let alone HD!) video into a little iPod. If they wanted to play HD H.264, they'd need to make an iPod with more oomph than my Mac mini has. Obviously, that's not gonna happen. Decoding even SD MPEG2/4 video would be tough. Keep in mind that the PSP only plays low-res movies (for its low-res screen).
Maybe not a new product, but a new service or a new common action (like the Pepsi free songs).
it not ALL going to be about ipod playback

people need to stop fixating on the ipod being the playback device - if anything the ipod will be a playthrough device - with a new dock. the 'one more thing' could be a slighty revised ipod - but the big news being a new dock!!! my other post, in the other thread explains in more detail what i think the event will be about.
I personally don't see a major need for a video iPod...too darn small unless you hook it up to an external monitor of some type IMO. The only reason I bought the iPod photo was I liked the color screen (3 weeks later they changed to all color iPods, go figure) and being able to carry around slideshows of pics (say of properties we had listed) and present them on no notice to clients was nice. Also like the idea of tx'ing images from the digital to the iPod if I ran out of room on the memory card. Neither are necessarily something I need to do with video.

It is interesting that ThinkSecret has posted new PBs and PMs, while everyone else is focusing on video iPods. I was wondering what the deal was earlier today since they hadn't posted anything on their site yet...and I have to agree, they take the time and usually guess I'm kinda ticked right now. No spare cash laying around for that new G5 or PB.
My iRiver H320 can already play videos (thanks to new Firmware), I also own a PSP which can also play videos of any size and length stored on the Memory Stick Duo (and of course UMDs) in MPEG4 format. So I don't really care if they gonna release an iPod Video or an iPod Crystal, iPod II or whatever.
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