One of My Rants about Mac OS X


I hate to use such primitive language, but....


What mac users want all of the features they had in Mac OS 9 in X....WE DON'T WANT A DOWNGRADE IN FEATURES ... we want this to be the most modern, the most stable, the most secure, the most of everything good and great for computer OSes....

Add back SPEECH Recognition (at least like in Mac OS 9....if possible, it would really show that this OS is the OS for the 21st century with live speech recognition universally...something universal like AppleSpell ....throughout the entire OS and available to it's applications....I hate to sound cheesy, but it's true....we want computers like in science fiction movies trek , etc. ...make fiction become reality. )

Add back the SUMMARIZE TO CLIPBOARD feature....again, this is just one more feature bringing the Mac OS above the rest in technology....if you made a universal TEXT Recognition system (like AppleSpell) that, for example, had a partial artificial intelligence so as to understand text in documents to SUMMARIZE TO CLIPBOARD, and could also be used for Sherlock to understand plain English, and this technology could be taken advantage of by any other application


Recode Apache, FTP, telnet, etc so that all operate at the core with at least usernames 31 characters long and passwords 255 characters long....come on...this is a modern OS...make it act like one.

Make OS security a prime issue...

In summary
- add biometrics back to login
- have universal technologies like AppleSpell, but for all types of input and output..
maybe something like
AppleVoice - voice recognition (input)
AppleSpeech - computer speech synthesis (output)
AppleText - making English understood by computer (analysis)
AppleSpell (analysis)
AppleDictionary - definitions of the words (maybe connected or included in AppleSpell)
AppleThesaurus - thesaurus usable for all apps

Also, keep with your all-in-one international language support!!! this is a great feature that no other OS has in such a perfect manner....I my self can speak, read, and write Japanese, Spanish, and of course, English
...the world is becoming smaller....
...and this CAN be the perfect OS for the 21st century...

with dual (and hopefully quad soon) G4 Macs out and large hard drive spaces, I suggest you make Mac OS X the finest OS in existence...currently, it isn't even close to that, but it has a great start (which it will need in order to become the best)

..the customer is always right...give your customers what they want...not what you think is best for them...that’s not the way to run a business like yours...if you want the mainstream PC customers, you HAVE to give them the features and tools that they want...if you don’t, we’ll just have to go to another company...that’s how the world works....but we would rather stick with you because you have the best start and strong hold of superior technologies more so than other companies


You better make this OS look good (and I don’t mean appearances...i mean in functionality and features)...
I have a Linux and Windows user who’s looking into buying a Mac and he really wants to be impressed with Mac OS X...he knows the features of Mac OS 9...and those must be in X. We, the customer, don’t want a downgrade...if the features (tools) aren't there, we don’t care how stable the OS would be counter productive to buy and use the OS if our tools for work and everything else in life aren't there...which they aren't.
Consider posting this to Apple's feedback site (there's a nice little Mac OS X Feedback button in your dock unless you moved it). That's the way to get your voice heard. Also, keep in mind, this is BETA. A lot of that stuff is probably things they are working on and just havent found a way to integrate yet.