Only MacOS 9 can boot


I have been able to install Mac OS X on an unsupported 9600/200 upgraded to G3\300 from XLR8. After plugging and unplugging lots of drives etc I was able to install OS X on terminated SCSI 4GB (Bus0, ID1). MacOS 9 is installed on (Bus0 ID0) Seagate 4GB HDD.
I have installed Mac OS X twice and these problems showed up.
1. After installing OS X, my computer screen was blank. Had to unplug the OS X HDD form SCSI Chain, boot form OS 9 and press option key to start. After a couple of reboots, the computer would restart in OS 9. Plug the OS X disk back in the SCSI chain. Reboot couple of times and I am able to see both of my HDD's.
2. On opening OS X hdd, I see 5 folders. If I try to open any icon (all the icons look the same)the familiar message box tells me "the application that created the application can't be found." As per apples Mac OS X trouble shooting tip, to launch Mac OS X after Mac OS 9 you have to go to the Welcome to Mac OS X box and using system (something) you have to choose the Mac OS X disk and reboot form there. As I said before I cant see any difference between icons all look the same.
This is what I did:
I copied the system icon from Mac OS X CD to my HDD where Mac OS X is installed ie inside Mac OS 9 folder where there are four icons and one of them is this mysterious Systems (something) disk.
3. I opened this icon choose Mac OS X as my start up HDD and rebooted. Now I am back to square one, my computer screen is blank. I can only reboot into OS 9 by holding option key.

My problem is I can see all the HDD's all all folders inside the HDD but can't do anything.
Can someone help or had similar problems please reply.