Open Ports in OSX?


I ran a port scan on my box and there are 3 open ports.
The open ports are:
111 - sunrpc port
I know that port 111 is used as a printer port, but I have no clue what ports 949 and 950 are for. I did try to telnet to them and It says:
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

But that is it. It wont do anything after that. Port 950 does the same thing. I thought that maybe it had something to do with SSH but I cant connect to them with an ssh client either. I have been unable to find anything anywhere about them. Please Help! Thanks.


G4 Dual 450
2 - 45 gig drives
2 - 40 gig drives (RAID)
1 - 20 gig drive (OS 9.1 / OS 10.0.3)
1 gig RAM


To find out the process listening on a port, use lsof:

sudo lsof -i :949
sudo lsof -i :950

These aren't open on my machine, so I can't say what the result is, but this should tell you who's listening there.
And ssh is on port 22


Do not read this sign.
Let us know what 949 and 950 are if you figure it out...