Open Ports in OSX?


I ran a port scan on my box and there are 3 open ports.
The open ports are:
111 - sunrpc port
I know that port 111 is used as a printer port, but I have no clue what ports 949 and 950 are for. I did try to telnet to them and It says:
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

But that is it. It wont do anything after that. Port 950 does the same thing. I thought that maybe it had something to do with SSH but I cant connect to them with an ssh client either. I have been unable to find anything anywhere about them. Please Help! Thanks.


G4 Dual 450
2 - 45 gig drives
2 - 40 gig drives (RAID)
1 - 20 gig drive (OS 9.1 / OS 10.0.3)
1 gig RAM
To find out the process listening on a port, use lsof:

sudo lsof -i :949
sudo lsof -i :950

These aren't open on my machine, so I can't say what the result is, but this should tell you who's listening there.
And ssh is on port 22