Open source QuarkXPress editor...


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I am looking for something open source that can view and edit a QuarkXPress file (.qxd i believe). I know it is a proprietary format, but so is .psd and GIMP can use those just fine.

If anyone knows that would be great, it doesn't really matter if it is PC or Mac, I would rather it be for Mac but I have a PC too so whatever. I only really need it for a one time use.
Natobasso said:

No, it isn't. Scribus doesn't open or save in QuarkXPress format files.

The only application that opens and saves QXP documents is QuarkXPress, and sometimes not even QuarkXPress will do it. QuarkXPress 6 will not open a QXP 4 document for example...

If you need to edit a QuarkXPress document, you'll have to get hold of a copy of the application, preferrably of the same version that was used to create it.

A silly way would be to use a Hex editor, but that would probably make your head explode (I know it would make mine do so).
Okay, to be more exact I found something that referenced quark, but nothing open source that would open quark files.

Not sure how InDesign/Adobe gets away with it, but I'm pretty sure Quark wouldn't want there to be a free program out there that could open its files…
Quark probably doesn't mind that much that others can open files created with QXP, but they sure as h**ll don't want anyone else to be able to save in their format.

Adobe managed to reverse engineer the old format (QXP 3.3 - 4.11) so InDesign can open and convert those files. However, InDesign won't open versions 5 and 6. It'll be different in version 7 i guess, since that is supposed to be entirely based on XML. Anyhow, InDesign will not save to QXP-format, and it isn't open source either...
XML is teh savior, I wish there was something. I need to design some CD art and the presser guy has a template that would make it a lot easier to get the dimensions right with. Oh well.