OpenGL problems in 10.1

Jim Paradise

All right... here's the problem. I downloaded the demo of Alice to try out and when I played it the right side of the screen and the left side of the screen were (how to put this) dragged sideways and downwards? It has to be some glitch in OpenGL.. it's like it becomes watery and pulled to the side or something... this has to be a problem with OpenGL (just problem apps requiring an update) because the same thing happens in some none-Apple screensavers I have. Anyone experience any of these problems?

G4/400 (AGP).... stock video card...


mach-o mach-o man
Haven't had any GL probs in my quicksliver.

However, my beige G3 266 has two video cards.
One is the stock, its not actually a card, its an ati of sorts, 6meg
The other is an ati Rage Orion, with 16megs.

The Rage is a PCI.

When I run opengl screensavers, they suck on the onboard system (allways have, it just sucks ;-). But on the added Rage, with 10.1, they don't look right. Some of them do, but Tunnel, or xtunnel, can't remmeber, doesn't look right at all. These looked find with 10.0.x.

I think apple said they made open gl 20% faster... could have something to do with it.