Opening a pc picture in Mac


Im pretty new to the world of Macs.

Ive downloaded some photos (EPS) from an FTP server to my PC. But when I transfer and open them on my Mac they appear garbled and unviewable.

They need to be high res because they are going into a printed brochure.

Any pointers would be gladly received.

QuickTime can open some EPS's, but you probably need to get Adobe Illustrator to read them correctly, unless there is some freebie that opens them well.
Ive tried opening them in Illustrator but I get the follwoing message:

"The EPS parser is unable to parse the file"

Not provided in original post:
Application(s) used to create the '.eps' file, if known.
PC: WindozeOS version and application(s) used to view '.eps' files.
Mac: System / MacOS X version and application(s) used to view '.eps' files.

Without a copy or link to the poster's photo(s), or a sample of such, I downloaded a number of '.eps' graphic (non-photo) samples from the internet. MacOS X'es 'Preview' ('/Applications/Utilities/' folder), 'GraphicConverter', 'MacGhostView', and 'Transverter Pro' displayed the '.eps' files just fine.

For additional possiblities:
Go to 'macupdate' and enter 'eps'; or, 'versiontracker' and enter 'eps -epson' into the related search fields.
Make sure to select either the 'Mac OS' (for System 9.2.2 or earlier) or 'Mac OS X' tab at 'macupdate'; or, the 'Mac OS 8/9' or 'MacOS X' popmenu item at 'versiontracker' - depending on the version of your Macintosh'es operating system.
You need to get new copies of those files if you can. If you get 'unable to parse eps' it's likely they were for some reason saved improperly.

How big are the files? if they're only a few hundred K, whatever they are, they are definitely NOT hi-res photos. Your files should be much bigger if they are.

What program are you trying to open it with? What program was used to create them? Are they possibly Illustrator (vector) graphics instead?

either way I bet you will need new files. good luck-
A number of things can go wrong with EPS images. The most common are:

1. That they are saved in a state that does not allow editing. FreeHand was reviled for this "feature" in the past, but has since abandoned the practice.

2. They were created on a Mac, and transferred to another platform without being compressed in StuffIt or Zip format. This can lead to problems since the actual image data is stored in the resource fork, not the data fork by some applications. This is especially true of applications in Mac OS 9 or earlier. Transferring the images via mail or ftp often lead to a loss of all resource forks if the correct settings aren't used in the process.

3. That they were created on one platform (Mac or PC) and someone tries to use them on another (PC or Mac). Preview images don't show up properly on the other platform unless you take special precautions when you save the images.

Try mounting the images in your layout application, and even if they don't show properly, try printing the page and see what happens. A lot of times EPS images will print, even when they don't show properly in the layout. This is especially true for images created on one platform (Mac/PC) and used on another (PC/Mac).

If they don't mount, or don't print, they are probably corrupt in some way. Try getting the person/persons who created them to supply you with new copies. The best way is to compress them using Zip or StuffIt formats, before putting them on the FTP server.
Thank you all for your help. Ive got the originators to send them to me on CD now, so problem solved (well, skirted around the problem anyway!)

Thanks again all, for your helpful advice