Opening and installing Windows 7 from .exe file


I have access to a windows 7 license through the school I attend. I plan on running it through boot camp. It is downloadable off of a website I have access to. However, when I download the file, it downloads it as a Microsoft extension file(.exe). I downloaded stuffit expander in hopes that it could open the .exe file but it did not work, unfortunately. What do I need in order to open this file and install it? Someone has told me something about needing a "delivery client" that will handle the actual file download but I am unfamiliar with this term. Please help!


It is a violation of the rules of this forum to discuss pirated software. It is also a violation to help others pirate software. You need to find a website where that sort of thing is acceptable.


It's not pirated, it's straight off of microsofts academic academy website but nevermind


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Hi Gordon,

You may be better off downloading a full ISO file of the Windows 7 installer (as you have the license file).
Depending on whether the difference between the edu version of Windows is in the Windows itself or what it locks by the key, there may be a different version for the edu Windows. (the academy site should have some more detail on how that works)

Otherwise, you'll need another system that runs Windows to make the exe files to a working installer, e.g.