opening classic apps


Please someone tell me how I can convince Os X to open classic applications with extensions like .smi
it wants to open self mounting apps in disk copy. So going to the files application screen under show info lets me choose the app to open it, but the file IS the app isn't it? I tried telling it to open with itself but of course it was greyed out. Can anyone help?
Does anyone else feel like Apple decided that mac users wanted to be more like pc users so they stepped back a few steps with technology by adding file extensions and focusing more on file paths? I am growing to hate Os X as much as I love some of it.
oops, sorry about the rant.


.smi files are disk images, yes, but they should be opened by disk copy, not themselves. If OS X is trying to use the classic version of Disk Copy without success, try the OS X version (Applications: Utilities: Disk Copy).



Alright so clearly I have no clue what I am doing. I am using the OS X version of disk copy but it doesn't acknowledge the file at all. If i double clikc the file disk copy opens and does nothing. If i try to drag the file onto the disk copy window it doesn't accept it. Finally if I go to mount image in disk copy the file is greyed out. I swear I remember just double clicking these types of files in 9 and seeing them open on their own. I am probably just going to switch to 9 and do it but as I mentioned in my signiture my computer crashes bad when i try to switch from 9 to X. So if anyone has any other ideas they would be much appreciated.


exactly, it even says that it is a "classic application" in the kind part of the window but when i open it it acts like a document or something? And when I go to show info it gives me the ability to pick the application to open it?!?! which seems strange because you rarely open applications with other applications. Eventually I suspect I will be forced to resort to switching to OS 9 again and mounting it but i had hoped to avoid the headache that includes.


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.smi files, even ones on my HD that I downloaded a year before I got X, work just fine in X (w/o classic). The show up as Classic Application, but double clicking brings up Disk Copy (X) which mounts the image just fine.

.smi is just a disk image, with "self mounting" abilities in Classic, kinda like the difference between a .sit and a .sea file. In other words, if Disk Copy won't mount it, I think something is wrong with your file.:(