Opening MPEG/VCD/PAL files on Mac


I have taken a job editing subtitles. The company uses Windows, I use Macs. I have a 2011 iMac running Mac OS 10.7.3.

Last night I was sent my first assignment, a subtitles file and 10 parts of one total TV series. They have been translated from the original language and I am to watch the film while fixing things using an src file. I found a program for opening the src file, no problem, but now cannot get the film to play.

Ten files were sent in an email to me. I downloaded the first:

1. I downloaded it, and used "The" to open it.
2. In the "Get info" box of the mpg file, the file name is given as "MuhtesemYY_MPEG1_VCD_PAL.mpg"
3. Get info" says to open with Quicktime,
4. When I open it wlth Quick Time Player, I get "The file MuhtesemYY_MPEG1_VCD_PAL.mpg could not be opened," but not reason is given.

5. When I try to run it in VLC, I get nothing, and a small yellow triangle in the left hand column.

Any help you could offer would be deeply appreciated.


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It seems that the trouble is at the .rar extraction phase. It extracts the file but then says it could not for an "unknown error."