opening photos into photoshop


hi ,
when i double click a photo in iphoto it opens photoshop (as ive told it to in preferences) but when photoshop opens it doesn't display anything so i have to hunt through my photos and open it manually which is a bit dull to be honest

any ideas?

im using photoshop cs by the way

Drag the photos manually to Photoshop (or the Photoshop icon on the dock). That is if you want to open them there.
Sounds like a common problem that happens with Photoshop CS after doing a clean system install. The problem is probably that you're missing the "Adobe Unit Types" scripting addition, which should be located in "/Library/ScriptingAdditions/". Check that folder, and if you don't see Adobe Unit Types, get it from an old backup of your top-level Library if possible (quit Photoshop, drag the file into place, and then everything should work fine). Otherwise, you may need to reinstall Photoshop.