opening PHP files with apache



I am using apache/PHPH/MySQL

I am writting several php pages but each time I want to open them with my navigator I need to be connected to the internet to make them work

Is there a way to open an PHP page with apache and without been connected to the internet

I don't know about your system but I have 3 users, my wife, MySQL User, and myself - so to open my web page I have to do http://localhost/~iolaire/index.html.

So if what jimr suggested doesn't work try:
(replace jsn with your short log-in name)

- iolaire
the url http:\\localhost\~jose\index.HTML works very well when I am offline the problem is when I try to open the file index.PHP in this case if I am not connected to the internet it shows an error message "the attemt to load the file ....INDEX.PHP failed"

any ideas?

My only (uneducated) idea would be try a simple PHP script and test it when offline. What about testing a file with just
<?php phpinfo() ?>
in it, does that load?

Also when you are off-line did you check to make sure that Apache is still loaded?

(This is assuming that your index.php page loads when you are online?)

And if you go to an html page like index.html does it load correctly?

I don't have much experiance with this stuff so that is about the extent of my help, but if you are not getting the support that you need, try posting the same post in the Apache form over in the > Linux Community > Apache,Sendmail,PHP,MySQL, etc area at:
Good luck,
Iolaire has the right idea....

the location which you try, on the other hand, is up to your configuration....

the script you are trying to load must have some url in it....

have a look at your

for some clue
http://locahost/file.php or try http://localhost/~account/file.php

that works for me.

I also try a local ip and

if you only have one machine what you can do is set the machine to connect via ethernet in the network control panel and enter a startic ip (a dummy one ofcourse) than save your chanages and try again. This step i have not tried yet but a frend told it does. By the way make sure that ethernet has high priority by putting it at the top of the list in the active ports list.

anyway, hope that helps.