Opening vs Editing a document

Ceroc Addict

Is there a direct way of editing, rather rather than opening a document, from the Finder?


* I want to open webpages in Safari, but edit them in a text editor.
* I want to open images in Preview, but edit them in GIMP


P.S. I know I can ctrl-click a file and select "Open with", but this is too unproductive.


U.S.D.A. Prime
Since there is no difference between "Edit" and "Open" in the Finder, you just have to manually manage what files you want to be associated with what programs. You can't set two default applications for one single file.

It's double-click, command-o, or "Open" from the File menu, and that's it... no difference between opening a file to look at it or opening a file to edit it.

Some applications offer an "Edit with..." menu option, like Dreamweaver, but they're application-specific: if the application is programmed to do it, it will... if not, it won't.

Ceroc Addict

Ok, what if I rephrase the question to:

Is there any way of assigning a keyboard shortcut to an Automator plug-in ?



'Is there any way of assigning a keyboard shortcut to an Automator plug-in ?' - I believe not. I have never seen a contextual menu or contextual menu's sub-menu item - assigned a keyboard equivalent.

You could create an 'Automator plug-in' to have the selected item(s) opened via another application; but, you would have to right (or '<control>', left) button click on the item(s), navigate to the 'Automator' menu item, and then to the Automator' menu's respective sub-menu item.


Of course you can assign keyboard shortcuts to run Automator plugins and any other app you want. To assign shortcuts to regular apps you just open System Preferences and click "Keyboard and Mouse", and select the 3rd tab. You can choose app in a drop down menu, and then you write the name of the menu and command and assign your shortcut. If you donät see the app in the menu, choose "Other..." at the bottom and locate your plug-in.

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i think what you want is this:

assign the files to their editing program. for jpeg's, make sure it's the GIMP, for html, text edit or dreamweaver etc, for pdf, illustrator etc.

then, place preview and safari in the dock. when ever you want to preview/open a file, simply drag it onto the preview icon, or the safari icon. the standard open command is overridden in favour of your choice. when ever you dowuble click the file, it loads the huge, complex editor. when you simply want to look at it, you drag it onto the preview app.

simple, and the way i work.