openssh & web server...


John Galt Member
hi, i've installed openssh and changed the sshserver parameter to "YES". what do i do from here to set up me comp as a web server? please don't use too much unix lingo, b/c i don't know too much...

also, once my comp is functional as a web server, how do i then link it to a domain?

thanks for anyone's help,

ssh is a secure shell login for command line access. If you want to use your comp as a web server you need to use apache. Its already on your system although I think there is a new version out. Do a search on the forum for apache and you should find some info. for setting up a web server.

Hope this helps:),
In the system control panel, services tab, there are settings to turn on the web server. I haven't actually tried this, so I don't know how much of the way there this will get you.

For static pages, I expect that ought to be about all you need to do, cgi and perl and such is way out of my depth...