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I'm stretching the "Mac OS X Gneral Discussion" title a bit:

Where can I find the latest (last updated or close to last) version of OpenStep? This looked so cool and I wanted to try it, knowing OS X is based on it. Would it run in a PC Emulator (i.e. Virtual PC or RealPC?)

Thanks a lot!
It does run under VPC, and on my 350 G3 it runs beatifully :)

Check ebay, thats where I got my copy of NeXTSTEP 3.1 ( I am an OS collector lol :p)

The Admiral has both OPENSTEP (4.2) and NEXTSTEP (3.1, 3.3) as VPC environments. He found his copy of NS 3.1 on ebay (which is where I have found many of my copies of older operating systems).:)
I saw a copy of one of the Rhapsody DR releases there once.. I shoulda picked it up...

Dammit, now you made me want a copy of A/UX :p
He he I also have A/UX ;) (although not all versions.. just the last one to be produced :p) ....

You can trully find lots of stuff on ebay it's amazing :D

(As for VPC... I had OPENSTEP running once and my lil bro came in and was wondering what the heck it was lol :p He had never seen nextstep before lol :p)

Oh... I have a small question concerning Tru64 Unix. I found a copy on ebay and was tempted to buy it for my collection, it was under the PC category listing with win 3.11, 95 and so on and it gave the false ( i believe) impression that it ran on a regular x86 PC ... I thought Tru64 only ran on server machines :confused:


PS: Do you think that I might lose my sanity from dealing with so many OSes ??? lol :p
Tru64 used to be Digital Unix. Since then Digital was aquired by Compaq. We have it running on an old Alpha (sic. Refrigerator), but I'm not certain is if Compaq's released it for x86 architecture as well. You could probably find some documentation for it somewhere. Seriously though, it's mostly a collector's piece... my experience with it has been... clunky.