Opera 8.02 Text Size Is So Small


Please forward to someone familiar with Opera.

Under Content in Preferences there is Author Mode and User Mode. There are 5 options in each plus you can choose a mixture of each. Translation: many, many options.

Does anyone know how to make the minimum font size bigger? In Mail and News the Message Body is fine (it can be enlarged with Command+Scroll wheel but the Message List is tiny. Quite unreadable on a 1280 x 1024 17" LCD monitor unless you have perfect vision. In the Address bar of the browser the text size is 1/16" of an inch tall. That's ridiculous.
Your discription sounds different then mine, I'm running Panther 10.3.9, and author, user mode are under "VIEW"> style, in the menue bar so your Preferences may be arranged differently. Look for Preferences > Advanced, second box down on the left, second line should say Fonts, click on it, below the scrollable list of fonts you should see " Minimum font size (pixels)" with a box to enter the desired font size. Mine is set at 9 and that works fine for me.