opera for x rocks


I just downloaded and installed Opera for X. MacOSX.com was int he default bookmark list. I came here and signed up and made this post in Opera for X. It is by far the fastest browser for OSX.

Haven't tried Quicktime yet.
do they make you look at ads while you browse with the beta? No doubt they will when the final comes out.

I am addicted:( to using a scroll mouse in my browser and it is not supported in Opera.

Otherwise, for general browsing, it smokes!

Quicktime is a no-go.
It is fast, blasting fast!! Still,... www.w3.org causes opera to crash (css?), popup-boxes in forms don't work, cut and paste doesn't work... well this is a tech preview and it is far from rockin', but i'm really looking forward to seeing it improve in the near future.

I love this thing! I have a cable modem and it shows the speed its going updatingingly and repeatingly at the top! In my opinion it looks about good as omniweb but its beats in 100 times in speed. Keep up the good work opera :)
Opera DOES in fact ROCK! This thing is speedier than Robert Downey Jr. at a ClubMed vacation. For a pre-beta release, this is pretty impressive. I'm lovin' OSX more and more each day.
Now that I think about it, the only reason I found out about MacOSX.com is because of the bookmark in Opera!

Thank You Opera!

OmniWeb is still my favorite though...
Opera for X truly rocks but remember that this is a technology preview and that the browser will be much more stable (and featurerich?) in beta