Okay ... I just downloaded the preview technology release of Opera ... So far -- it's fast. Not a crash yet, but of course I haven't gone to many challenging sites. The formatting of some pages are off, but nothing major yet. Javascript seems better in this than in Omni. Anyone else have any opinions or reviews ....
The toolbar is not in the wrong order and it doesn't let me use my scroll wheel. I get blank spots where it tries to show pages too fast, leaving the bare window background in the middle of rendered content. It still seems windoze-ish, with all the dialogs and the options to move the toolbar to the bottom of the screen.

Still, it's good to have another browser, even if it won't be replacing OmniWeb or IE any time soon.
I see where you are coming from -- yet, I disagree. The big difference between this (being Opera) and Omni and IE is the fact that it doesn't really crash ... or hasn't for me, yet. While it is nowhere near being a finished product, Opera DISABLES the features that are not finished ... rather than having them enabled and just be buggy. I might be incorrect, however, that is my observation so far. The speed and stability for me have been outstanding so far, although the features aren't all obviously here, yet. But we all can agree, the more development for X the better. I offer my applause to Opera.
Opera's HI is really poor compared to Explorer, especially drag+drop support.

Explorer's drag+drop support is really good. For example dragged image links contain the picture, title (alt=), and url. Without titles in dragged links I can't drag links into things like Drop Drawers to use as bookmarks. Opera only drags the url.

I also like dragging links to Explorer's url field to load pages in the 'top' frame.

OmniWeb has one nice feature in that the url field can refine a substring search by typing space and another keyword.

iCab has nice filters, but I can't use it so long it requires me to press the option key to drag links.

If Explorer was more responsive, had OmniWeb's url field, iCab's filters, Opera's speed, and keychain support I'd be in heaven. Oh well