Optical Drive Problems With My Superdrive Imac G4


I have had problems burning DVDs on my iMac G4. I managed to burn one DVD but after that the drive failed even to recognize a blank DVD when it was inserted. Thinking it was a software problem, I upgraded to Tiger, after which it worked okay four times, but since then it has returned to the old problem of not recognizing the disc, or else freezing when I am at the early stage of burning. Strangely, there have been almost no problems with burning CDs or watching DVDs, though in the last few days this too seems to be malfunctioning too. Do I need to get a new optical drive and is it possible to do it myself?
Hi Carl and welcome to the forum.
Are you using the same DVD-Rs as in your successful attempts? The old superdrives are very picky on DVD-R media.