Option to Startup OS 9 in Final OS x?


Sure, we can change Startup Disk to Classic OS 9 in Beta OSX, but will the release version let us do the same thing?
Why should it not have this option?

It would not be very nice of Apple to say that in Final-Release, there is o need to start up in 9 alone.

There are some programs that won´t run under classic even in final, i.e games that run on rave in OS 9. These games run under classic, but with really low frames.

If this option is left out of the final, maybe I will be one of those who stick with OS9.1
Hmm.. This complaint sounds vaguely familiar...

(looks into Crystal Ball)...

AHA! I heard the same thing when Mac hardware was moving from Motorola 680x0 to Power PC!


(perhaps the best way to retain convenient access to old 9.1 and prior software is to upgrade to a new 750Mhz G4 system for OSX and relegate the old Mac hardware to running the legacy stuff? :)

Geez! Sorry, it was only a suggestion (running for cover)