Optoma / Aiptek Pi-500 Tablet Monitor Nightmare



I recently purchased an Optoma Pi-500 tablet monitor, because I read alot of good reviews from PC users. Then I checked the official brochure, and it states that there is Mac support (http://www.optoma.co.uk/optomav2/modules/Pi500/BRO_Pi500_ENG.pdf)

But I believe that is an outright lie. They do not officially claim any OS 10 support, but they do claim to support OS 9. So I tried it on a machine running OS 9, and I could not get it to work to a satisfying degree on that machine either! The pen registration is awful, and it is completely unusable, i cannot believe anyone would say that it was Mac compatible after seeing this.

The worst part of it all, is this. On my 17" powerbook, the Pi-500 works just fine as a second monitor. But when I take the pen to the screen, it registers perfectly, but on the Powerbooks screen, and not on itself. Once even, as some fluke. It actually begun to pick up the "click" functionality. So for a brief period I was able to touch the pen to the tablet, and it would draw on the screen. but after rebooting my Powerbook, it stopped working.

It is so frustrating. I have been scouring the net for some 3rd party USB tablet drivers, but people only seem to make anything for Wacom (which already has excellent Mac support) and there is nothing for us stranded aiptek owners...

Would you have any leads or suggestions, email addresses or applications which might end my suffering and resume my artistic productivity? I would be so indebted if you could find drivers on OS 10 for an aiptek tablet monitor.

Please help me, or at least respond to this message.

Thank you,

Ryan N