Oracle Cert's- Worth it?


Dark Archon
I am considering going for a certification for Oracle, any thoughts? Any current DBA's out there? This is a new career path for me, but certainly something that I am interested in, and will use throughout my career. I am looking for advice on the topic (either here in thread, or msg me!). I had an interview today, and would have had the job, that is, if I had a certification... :(

So, please, offer up any advice (good and bad) regarding the topic, I am all ears. Also, the company I interviewed with, also does certification classes (almost made me think this was a sales pitch for their cert. classes...weird), and are offering them to me for $1500 (12 wk course). Is this good? I havent the slightest idea...

Oh yeah, (maybe this is a dumb question), but will I be able to pursue my cert's using my Mac? Is it a requirement to use a PC for these? Advice requested on this as well, thx!!

Thanks everyone in advance!

Since no one has responded to this - Oracle is huge, but I dunno, companies that still use Oracle are out there (and there are more every day) and I don't think that it runs on Mac. I just dunno about Oracle, check for more information.
well from what i can tell, the certification is a good idea, the class starts tomorrow and runs 12 weeks. I'm going to do it. The average income for Oracle DBA's is right where I need to be, and the job is interesting and with an opportunity to go where I wany my career to go.