Oracle Database I9 On Mac


Thanks for regular help Mac OSX.COM now i have another question sorry for disturbance actually i wana install oracle database i9 on Mac os x.4 how it possible. And plz tell me where from i can download this and what step required for this.
and also how install and download developers 6i
if it is possible and an other side also oracle working with pc on a LAN network but i want to do all things on Mac vs. pc.
plz help me i will be very thankful to you
Oracle 9i is a commercial product. You will need to contact Oracle to find out about solutions & pricing available to you.
hi sleepy boy,
thanks for help i regestred my self on oracle but tell me a complete steps how download after link u give me what can i do.
plz replay me as soon as possible
First of all, Oracle and Apple only support Oracle 9i on MacOS X SERVER version 10.3.6. You are saying you want to install on 10.4.X. This is NOT supported. Also, you need to own MacOS X SERVER. Do you?

If you don't meet these requirements, you will need to find someone who knows how to install Oracle 9i on an unsupported platform. Chances are, this isn't the website to find such a person.
thanks sleepy boy now we have instaled the oracle data base 10g, but now we wana how gets the develpoer 6i for mac os 10.4. while oracle data base is runing successfuly runing