Oracle for Mac OS X ?

Do you think oracle will make a version of it's database for Mac OS X Server ? What about their application server which is a modified apache and tomcat ? They are also planning a new 100 % java IDE (jdeveloper 9i) do you think we'll be seeing that as well ?


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Good question, I was wonderingthat.... I know that there's a beta version of SQL Grinder out which will let you connect to Oracle 8i databases from OSX, but I've not tried it yet.

Whilst we're on the subject, does anyone know of an SQL syntax highlighter plugin for BBEdit?
I just installed oracle 9i rel 2 developers release and i must say it's different.

It doesn't use the traditional Java Installer oracle uses in other platforms, you just untar a huge file.

here's a link to install:

and of course a link to get the software

But my next project is to build a JBoss app server and connect it to my oracle DB.

Actually apple was at oracle world a few months back and I talked to rep and he said apple was going to come out with there own app server based on JBoss.