OrangePC 660

Joseph Spiros

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Anyone know if Orange Micro, or anybody for that matter is working on a OS X App to work in conjunction with OrangePC Cards?

Also, If ANYONE has a OrangePC Card (no matter the model) that they would be willing to sell, please let me know. I am looking mainly for a 660 but let me know what you have.
Those are old,
I do not think they are even PIIs, in todays world they are probably too slow, and not to mention that when they came out they cost $1200 with which you could get a real PC for that price...

I asked around when I got my G3 B&W if I could use one with my mac but the sales rep told me that they had not tested their products with newwer G3 machines... so if you have a newwer G4 or G4 its VERY likely that stuff wont work.

(I wish they would make a newer one though)
Originally posted by AdmiralAK


(I wish they would make a newer one though)

As do I... I really like how it works... I mean, its like 95% (took that number from nowhere, but it sounds about right) the speed of a real pc with the same specs... I would LOVE it if they made one wiht like a AMD 1.4GHz with max ram of maybe a gig or a giga and a half... that way, It would have enough power to do pretty much anything (short of 3-d rendering and other high end workstation stuff) that a comparable PC could do. And, the idea to run OS X and Windows XP in the same box with barely any speed loss is a WONDERFUL idea. :)

Anyway... does anyone know of ANY company that offers PC Compatability cards for the mac anymore?
The nice thing about it (the card) was that it could share the mac's network connection. As far as 3d...I am sure something could be worked out... or maybe have a second monitor he he ;)

If there was such a card I would probably get a second 70GB internal and load every x86 OS that exists lol :p

--> Resident OS freak
I totally agree! I even have a PC monitor that would be suitable for the PC evironment... Have a little command center of monitors and stuff... :D

Well, I just emailed saying they should start making them again... Perhaps if a bunch of people suggest it they will start making them ;)
By the way they are PII's I saw an add for one in an old MacAddict Magazine I was reading last night I think the magazine was from 1997 might be wrong though.
Well here are my proposed new specs for one:
1) AMD or P4 socket
2) RAM expandable to 1GB
3) COM1,COM2, Parallel ports on it
4) Able to use Mac's USB and firewire ports
5) Able to use Mac's ethernet and or modem
6) On board connectivity to a secondary video card if user wants to have the windows OS on a second (or more monitors)
7) Compatibility in order to run at least 95% of x86 OSes (most important feature :p)