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After speaking with Telephone Support for orders today, they informed me that they had only printed up 1000 CD's initially for OS X. Since they received 21,000 orders in the first two days, there will be a couple day delay getting everything out.

As I mentioned before, there is also a direct web address for checking the status of your order at Apple: http://www.apple.com/OrderStatus

However, it will not tell you anything specific about delays.

Take that for what it's worth.
Originally posted by GORDYmac
You have to know a web order number and all. I just go to http://store.apple.com and navigate to my order status using my email address.

Since the web order number is emailed to you within minutes of placing your order, it shouldn't be too hard to use it.
...they received 21,000 orders in the first two days...

My housemate picked up from a chatty saleperson @ apple
that they were *swamped* with orders for the Mac OS X beta and that came totally unexpected to them.

Now it might be possible that 100,000 copies of the beta are enjoyed in one week -- more than NeXT managed to deliver in ten years! (assuming that they shipped 40,000 NeXT computers plus 40,000 in OPENSTEP licenses)

In 2001 Apple will deliver 2 million Macs with OS X installed -- please correct upwards ;) -- that would propel Apple into a leading UNIX position in a few years. I wonder whether SGI, Compaq/DEC, Sun, and IBM are realizing their trouble ahead...