Ordering 20'' cinema display - some questions


Tuesday next week my new Cinema Display 20'' will arrive. But there are still some question which are left unanswered. Searching through the forums and the 'net yielded no results.

What happens if the monitor receives a signal with non supported resolution (a signal which isn't 1680 x 1050, 1280 x 800 or 1024 x 640). Does it interpolate the signal? Does it stretch it, or does it create "black borders"?
I must admit I am planning to play games, and not many support a wide screen aspect ratio. So I am a bit worried about that. (Hopefully the monitor won't go blank if it receives such a signal)

Does anybody use it for design and print work?. I am useing Photoshop and most people claim TFT displays aren't suited for this kind of work. I never used a TFT before so I am unable to comment these claims, but I think a display in the Cinema Display's price range won't have "color viewing angle" issues. What else speaks against using a TFT for digital art?

Does anybody experienced any problems with the new Cinema displays? I read about problems with the new alu 23" displays, going magenta. Is there anything else I have to look for while testing the device in the shop?

How is the response time? Is it suited for fast paced action games, videos?
Hi!, as you can see by my signature, i have 20" apple display, and it's amazing. it's so crisp, you can see everything, perfectly. it works very well for design/print. the problems with old LCDs (viewing angles distorting colours) are long gone with this one. it's really very good. I play halo, UT2004, Return to castle wolf... and they all display very nicely - UT2004 particularly well, as it supports native 1680x1050. halo will stretch the resolution to fit if it's in 4:3, and the only problem i've seen is wolfenstein at 1280x1024 - it letterboxes it, but only on the right, the screen view is attatched to the left hand side of the screen with a big black border on the right. annoying, but doesn't detract from the brilliance of the monitor. very very good. response times are not noticable at all, even wehn dragging windows around.

it's so nice working on pshop/illustrator/director etc, just having so much room for palettes, and still have room for work. lovely!

Discolouration is a problem with the 23", not the 20". a very good choice, happy gaming/working

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